Table Linen Care Instructions / Instructions d'entretien du linge de table

Care Instructions
  • Linen that is well looked after will last for years.
  • All our products are treated to help control shrinkage. However, a slight shrinkage of about 4 % is normal after the first wash.
  • We do not recommend tumble-drying as this tends to weaken the fibres and fade the fabric.
  • Treating a stain as quickly as possible will prevent it from hardening as it dries. A little water and soap are usually enough.
  • Always read the washing symbols on the label.
  • Before using for the first time, we recommend soaking the article in cold water without laundry detergent. Soaking in clean water removes the finish on the fabric and prevents stains from adhering to the fabric.

Coloured Linen

  • Normal 40°-60° wash.
  • Do not put in your washing machine folded items.
  • For stubborn stains, apply a stain remover before washing or rub the stain with soap before washing a second time (40°-60° wash).
  • Iron at high temperature with steam, ideally while still slightly damp.