Abyss Twill Towels

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 "Abyss is Best"


"Twill" is a lighter weight cousin of Superpile (500gr/m^2), providing a very absorbent yet quick-drying towel.

Abyss towels are made in Portugal, where the strictest environmental, ethical, and legal conditions are followed.
Abyss towels are woven with 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton. Although many towels incorporate different grades of Egyptian Cotton, it is rarely used in all three weaving~ warp, weft, and pile. Consequently, the Abyss towel is extremely absorbent even it its lightest weight, very low in lint, and has greater tensile strength to make it last much longer. We put more of the weight of the towel into the pile, and less into the base, so that it dries better than towels of the same weight. Since the base is also made of Egyptian cotton, it is very strong and stable. The pile of the towel is made of a double twist. This gives the pile much greater strength, much lower lint, and greater absorbency.
Our sizing is very generous. Please see individual towel & rug specifications.
Abyss towels are "piece-dyed" after they are sewn, which means that the towel, trim and label are all perfectly matched. We only use low impact dyes, which are
environmentaly friendly.
Abyss towels are pre-shrunk, and will never pucker at the ends. What you see on the store shelf will be what you see in your linen closet after many launderings.
Abyss towels are bound with our signature bias trim. You will notice that the bias is continuous and finished with elegant curved corners. Curved corners are more
durable than square ones.
Product labels are sewn in such a way that they don't stick out. They are also dyed to discreetly match each towel. (We pay attention to even the smallest details).

In the USA the Abyss towel was tested alongside a minimum of five other luxury brands.They tested both White and Persimmon colours. In 50 washings, the Abyss towel proved to be:
a. The only towel that withstood all the washings without signs of falling apart.
b. To be the most colour fast.
c. To become denser and more absorbent with washing.
d. To be 20% more absorbent than the next best towel.
Wash & Dry at medium temperatures. Drying hot will greatly reduce the life of the towel. Do not overdry. Laundering is what wears out any towel ~ not use, so if you use care when washing, it will add years to the life of your Abyss towels. Do NOT bleach or use any detergent containing bleach. Beware of facial cremes or ointments. These can bleach out colour. Avoid softeners - they glue the fibers. If pulls or snags should occur, simply snip them off. This will not affect the towel.
Always wash towels by themselves. Do not launder with jeans, bras, or any other items that may snag. Wash whites and colours separately.